WHEAt and barley Legacy for Breeding Improvement

Kick-off WHEALBI College project

After a first trial with VetAgroSup in France last spring (see : https://www.whealbi.eu/fr/college-project-vetagrosup/), the WHEALBI college project is officially starting this end of September 2016 with the visit of consortium members to the Easton&Otley College in Norwich. Students will follow lectures on the Europe of Research, on the goals of the WHEALBI project, on the importance of genetic diversity for breeding, and will be trained to the specific college project that will last for one year -sort of Erasmus of research with 5 different European universities from 5 different countries involved. Then the students will have the chance to sow the trials, with 15 varieties of wheat and 15 varieties of barley showing very high level of diversity. Theses trials will serve as a basis to observe the phenotypic characteristics of the varieties and will allow to compare the measures and observations between the different countries of the trials.

Then, the first stage of the WHEALBI college “tour” will continue in Hungary and France in October, in Germany beginning of November and finally in Italy beginning of december.

More informations on the College project and the participating colleges can be found here : https://www.whealbi.eu/college-project/


Picture of the students and professor following the project at Easton&Otley College – 29th September 2016photo_classe