WHEAt and barley Legacy for Breeding Improvement

Feedback on the WHEALBI Final Conference in Edinburgh – 24 October 2018


The Final WHEALBI conference was organized by the James Hutton Institute at the Royal Society of Edinburgh the 24 OCtober 2018.

For this last meeting, more than 70 participants were present and the different results of the project were shown.

All the work packages presented their results and discussions around the sharing and the dissemination of these results were done, to best value the knowledge produced in the WHEALBI project.



All the public presentations of the conference must be find here:

WP1 presentations

–       Provision of Genetic resources and development of biorepositories for wheat and barley (François Balfourier, INRA)

–       Guidelines and protocols for Next Generation Valorisation and Utilization of PGRFA collections (François Balfourier, INRA)

WP2 presentations

–       Exomic variation and adaptation in barley (Ian Dawson, JHI)

WP3 presentations

–       Phenotypic diversity and QTL mapping of drought responses in wheat germplasm (Yehoshua Saranga, HUJI)

–       Non-invasive phenotyping reveals drought and recovery related QTL in a diverse spring wheat panel (Kerstin Neumann, IPK)

–       Field phenotyping for canopy development in barley (Luigi Cattivelli, CREA)

–       Screening bread wheat for Fusarium head blight resistance (Cyrille Saintenac, INRA)

 WP4 presentations

–       Demo_ accessing phenotyping and sequence variations data from the Whealbi database (Thomas Letellier, INRA)

 WP5 presentations

–       Could storage protein composition be modified by acting at the transcriptional level (Catherine Grand-Ravel, INRA)

–       Novel allelic variation at the Fr-H1 and Fr-H2 loci controlling frost resistance in barley (Alessandro Tondelli, CREA)

–       Association analysis and allele mining of wheat drought response (Abraham Korol, UH)

 WP6 presentations

–       NAM-Wheat (Gilles Charmet, INRA)

–       Modelling and analysis tools (Daniela Bustos-Korts, WU)

–       Wheat-barley translocations (Edina Türkösi, MTA-ATK)

–      Barley landrace introgressions (Peter Werner, KWS)

–       Wrap-up and perspective from a commercial breeding company (Alessandro Zatta, S.I.S.)

  WP7 presentations

–       Cereal ideotypes for organic management systems_ lessons learned from an experiment with different soil management (Ambrogio Costanzo, ORC)

–        The impact of cultivation and nitrogen input regimes on cultivar performance  (Nathan Morris, NIAB)

–        Socio-economic assessment of innovative crop management practices (Sébastien Crépieux et Ludovic Tournier, Arcadia International)

WP8 presentation

–       Whealbi: 5 years of innovation and dissemination (AI)