WHEAt and barley Legacy for Breeding Improvement

Work Package 6 – Deliverables

All  the public deliverables of the work package 6 are available below :

Barley lines with incorporated genetic diversity for useful traits in regions otherwise showing no or very little diversity in elite European spring barley malting varieties (D6.1)

Short list of barley and wheat lines adapted to European conditions all with novel, wide allelic diversity for yield per se, yield stability, and yield related trait (D6.2)

Review of selected pre-breeding strategies for efficient utilisation of genetic resources based on practical work and modelling (D6.3)

Wheat lines with introgressed QTLs for yield and yield related traits originating from wild emmer wheat, accompanied with associated molecular markers for further use in breeding (D6.4)

Wheat lines with translocated barley chromosome segments for further exploitation in (pre-)breeding (D6.5)