WHEAt and barley Legacy for Breeding Improvement

International Wheat Innovation Workshop – Nov. 2015

International Wheat Innovation Workshop ; 16 & 17 november 2015 ; CLERMONT-FERRAND, FRANCE

Varietal innovation should benefit from rapid progress in genotyping and phenotyping technologies. The objective of this international workshop is to inform the scientific and breeding community on the main progresses on genomics, sequencing, genetics, crop physiology and characterization of genetic resources of bread wheat. We propose to do that through projects and teams that work in the frame of large national projects focusing on wheat. Some new applications and research initiatives may appear from the confrontation of these experiences altogether and with the cereal community.

A large space will be dedicated to discussions with round tables after each session, allowing to foster dialogue between academic and private sectors, between the different projects and between these projects and other initiatives.

This workshop organized by the French project BreedWheat (French PIA Investment for the future project) associates WISP (UK LOLA project), proWeizen(German research and breeding alliance), CRP WHEAT (CGIAR challenge program), the IWGSC (international wheat genome sequencing consortium) and the Wheat Initiative. It will present results obtained in these projects and in related programs.


Organized by INRA Clermont Ferrand, partner of WHEALBI, a poster presenting WHEALBI will be displayed during the workshop and newsletter distributed to the participants.