WHEAt and barley Legacy for Breeding Improvement


A number of trainings are organized during the course of the project:

Title of the training course Organiser Summary or precise date to follow
 High-throughput and precision phenotyping for most relevant agronomic traits (abiotic stress tolerance, response to major disease, plant growth descriptors)  CREA (+ whealbi consortium) 18-20 April 2016, CREA, Italy
SNP discovery and analysis using next generation technologies: exome capture and RNAseq JHI (and contribution IPK and PTP) 19-20 May 2016, JHI Dundee, UK
Bioinformatics and databases WAGENINGEN UNIV. (+whealbi consortium) Around April-May 2017, Wageningen, NL
Allele mining / genetic analysis UZH Around November 2017, Zurich, CH
Practical assisted pre-breeding KWS, ATK Around April-May 2018, Cambridge, UK
Crop management / development of innovative cropping systems NIAB Around April-May 2018, Cambridge, UK

A special emphasis of these training events will be put on including young scientists (easy access to the training), new member states (organization of one practical assisted pre-breeding training in Hungary) and these trainings will be widely open to private companies (for technology transfer) and breeders academies (KWS breeders academy for instance).

Attention will be given to the content of the training to interest not only the scientific community but also the end-users. Training sessions will move from general/exploitable results to the detailed production of results and methods, giving the opportunity for the participants to follow a short or long training (i.e. from 1 to 5 days).

When possible, these training activities will be linked or co-organised with other European projects, for instance the one on minor cereals.

More info : contact (at)whealbi.eu

NEW : A final 3 days training for technology transfer to breeding directed towards breeders only will be also organised at the end of the project around Oct 2018.